Your Commitment Connects #4EachOther to an HIV FREE Future

Thank you!  To all the pharmacists and pharmacy-based nurses who have completed and passed the PIMART course, and who have received a Section 22 (15A) permit.

As you know, the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society (SAHCS), led by the Expanding Access to PrEP and ARV’s Innovation Consortium (EPIC), has developed a campaign to support all PIMART certified pharmacies with their marketing. The campaign materials aim to connect with the target groups who, we believe, will be most in need and receptive to our programme.

Our commitment and campaign is called #4EachOther. This is an inclusive hashtag that can spark real conversations around sexual health and create the open and honest connections we need to move together towards an HIV FREE future.

The sub-line, “connecting makes us stronger” reminds our audience why supporting each other is crucial in the struggle to take responsibility for our sexual health, and to support our partners, friends and family.

Call to action messaging has been specifically created for our key groups and included across all our marketing materials – E.g. “Ask your Pharmacist about HIV prevention, testing, treatment and support.”

Campaign materials include: In-pharmacy posters, shelf wobblers, tent cards, badges, shelf strips, location markers, motion slides, and social media messages.

How YOU are key to the campaign

As a pharmacist or pharmacy nurse you play an invaluable role in starting conversations with clients. You are able to identify behavioural risk signals. We encourage you to consider the possibility of unsafe sexual behaviour – when a client asks for Viagra/erectile dysfunction treatment, a morning after pill, treatment for a UTI infection, enquires about family planning, or queries about an STI, these are opportunities to start a discussion about HIV testing, prevention and treatment. An open approach to everyone – male, female, LGTBQI – and assurances of being non-judgemental are key. Clients want to have a professional, confidential and fairly quick conversation about the steps they can take to stay sexually healthy.

Download material here:

• #4EachOther Campaign
• PIMART: Infographics have been developed to support you with rapid decision making and patient support.

Please contact with regard to any queries on campaign materials.

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